>>Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Ping An Health
  •   A local presence with global expertise
  •   Comprehensive medical cover when you need it most
  •   A focus on making members healthier
  •   A wide spectrum of innovative products to meet different medical and financial needs
  •   Personalised services and tools to guide you through the healthcare system
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Ping An Health

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>>A Proud Local Company with Global Expertise

Ping An Health offers a number of medical services both inside and outside of China making it easier for you to access the professional medical care you need.

Our services include:

  •   Health check-ups
  •   Health consultations
  •   Health management services
  •   Dental care
  •   Outpatient appointment assistance
  •   Inpatient admission assistance
  •   Arrangements for inpatient visits
  •    Direct billing
  •    Inpatient hospital deposit guarantee
  •   Worldwide emergency assistance
  •    Domestic medical diagnosis and treatment services
  •    Access to a second medical opinion overseas