Ping An Health Vitality

Vitality is an internationally acclaimed wellness program, initiated by Ping An Health of China which aims to helps members lead healthier lifestyle through a personalized, science-based program. In three easy steps, Vitality helps members to know their health, improve their health and enjoy the rewards. Vitality rewards are the key to motivating members to lead a healthy lifestyle. Vitality is the first wellness program of its kind in the Chinese insurance market.

Reasons to choose Vitality

A healthy body is the key to a happy life. As life get’s busier, we all find that leading a healthy lifestyle gets harder. Vitality is a health program that helps members to be aware of and to change their unhealthy lifestyle habits such as poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Through Vitality points being awarded for healthy activities such as health checks and discounts on fresh fruit and vegetables, Vitality encourages its members to lead healthier lifestyles. As members earn Vitality points and increase their Vitality status, so they will get healthier and earn greater Vitality rewards.

Know your health
Improve your health
Points and status
Enjoy the Rewards