Services for Ping An Annuity’s clients

Services for Ping An Annuity’s clients
–sound basic services and multiple value-added services

If you are Ping An’s corporate pension client, Ping An’s pension team will provide you with high-quality basic corporate pension services and multiple value-added services, which provides you with multiple added benefits while guaranteeing safe and effective operation of your corporate pension plans.

Basic services for corporate pension customers
Information inquiry, consultancy and complaints

You can have access to appointments, consultancy, inquiry, complaints and other operations that are related to corporate annuity business, through various service channels provided by Ping An Annuity.

You are welcomed to view Ping An’s corporate pension service modes or directly consult Ping An’s pension experts.

Adequate and timely disclosure of information

Ping An Corporate Pension provides you with timely information on account net value, regular performance and risk evaluation reports and quarterly and annual reports on investment portfolios.

Ping An Corporate Pension also disclose information on major events that influence investment returns, including pension mandate, investment education, wealth management consultancy, regular visions of trustees and investment managers, investment advice, pension mandate and courses on pension mandate and investor education.

Irregular communication via various methods

Ping An Annuity’s Trustee Dept. and Investment Management Dept. communicate, on an irregular basis, with clients on investment strategies, in an effort to understand clients’ requirements. Moreover, the departments invite clients and trustors to visit the Company in an attempt to keep close contact with clients.

Value-added services for corporate pension customers
Provide customized pension schemes

By taking advantage of Ping An’s insurance resources, we design special pension schemes for companies during a restructuring period, medium- and long-term employee incentive plans taking corporate conditions into consideration, and multiple pension payment methods for employees of companies joining Ping An’s corporate pension plans.

Provide integrated financial services

Ping An Annuity provide clients with investment suggestions that are in line with clients’ risk tolerance capacity and advisory for securities and banking business. Moreover, the Company holds trainings on pension investor education courses, in order to enhance pension investors’ own investment ability.

Provide all kinds of insurance plans to companies and their employees

By taking advantage of all kinds of insurance resources of Ping An Group, we provide companies joining Ping An’s corporate pension plans with designing and products of life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance for the companies’ employees, as well as sound after-sales services.

Ping An Annuity also provides companies with insurance designing, disaster & loss prevention, claim settlement and loss adjustment services for property, engineering, credit, liability insurance, etc.