Ping An Annuity trustee management

Ping An Annuity Trust provides two kinds of management models: Annuity trust segregated plan and annuity trust aggregated plan.

Annuity Trust aggregated plan: It is initiated and designed by trustees, and it selects fixed investment mangers, account managers, and custodians. A unified regulation needs to be made to conduct management. Multiple enterprises will join together to attend the annuity trust plan.

Annuity Trust segregated plan: An independent account of annuity trust set for a single enterprise’s annuity fund, and trustees choose the managers based on the risk yield characteristics of the enterprises.

Aggregated plan is more fit for those enterprises whose employees are less than 2000. For most enterprises, aggregated plan is more advantageous. Ping An annuity has cooperated with many enterprises on the plan. Please refer to the successful cases of Ping An Annuity Trusts.

Aggregated plan
  • Set account managers, investment managers and custodians beforehand;
  • To set down investment portfolio products beforehand;
  • One plan suits for multiple enterprises;
Segregated plan
  • An annuity plan particularly set for one enterprise;
  • The enterprise to select trustee,and the trustee to select account managers, investment managers and custodians;
  • To confirm investment products based on the risk and yield characteristics of the enterprise;
  • A plan suits for one enterprise;