Ping An Annuity trustee management

Ping An is the first to set up the evaluation system for annuity fund managers, which conduct strict and overall evaluation for annuity managers. As trustee, Ping An Annuity, with professionalized appraisal and supervision system, measures such as review and audit and advanced technical means, conducts daily programmed, compliant and material supervision to account managers, custodians and investment managers. With the use of report system and on-spot checking system, fair and grounded evaluation and control will be provided to lower the occurrence of managers’ wrongdoing and possibilities of moral risks. Strict risk control and duty supervision will be implemented during the running of annuity trusts to ensure the safety of fund.

  • The evaluation management of account managers of Ping An Annuity Trust
  • The evaluation management of custodian of Ping An annuity Trust
  • The evaluation management of investment managers of Ping An